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That is why we want to make them the features of our home page.


Gina Walsh from Bridgewater Junior Curling contacted us last year because their previous website was being held hostage.  They could not access any of the information and the previous designer was MIA.  Their main pain points were ease of use and not having to rely on someone else for updates.  That is what they received.  This is what Gina said to us when asked what they liked about working together.

I love your work and your easy to work with and know your business – knowledge is huge and u also make things user friendly – I recommend your business to anyone that needs a website – the future for jr curling is to attract more curlers and retain them.

Rob Graves of Graves Family Catering had a challenge at hand.  How to compete on the large scale of weddings and special events with a relatively new catering company.  He wanted to steamline the information process from initial inquiry, delivery and follow-up.  His previous website was also a challenge as it was out dated and needed direction. Rob acquired our services to implement Infusionsoft, web design and google adwords campaigns to help grow his business.


Tyler Hayden
Tyler Hayden, Motivational Speaker / Author

What do you like most about your business
I have the opportunity to build a book series ( that enables people to connect with one another in a caring and inspiring way.  We also get the opportunity to build meaningful messages of Love, Leadership, and Legacy that will speak to many generations to come.  As well, our book series is able to give back in a meaningful way to charities like the IWK, Cancer Research and Muscular Dystrophy with cash donations from books sold.

Tell me a story about something that makes you proud with the work that you do
We continually get to build cool promotions and events to tell people about our book.  From our “Books Afloat” where we are about to launch 100 books on airplanes around the world and follow them online as readers log them in … to our very cool Father’s Day Flash Mob … check it out here … ________________

What’s a future goal for your business
Our goal is to produce a book a year for a different group of people.  We are currently working on one for children and soldiers.  This way our series will be impactful globally to people of various backgrounds, and with increased sales we can increase our social giving to charities and groups that make a difference.


Little Ditty about us!

At Blue Cow Creative we help businesses and organizations create their presence online and promote their message.

Blue Cow Creative Loves Small BusinessAre you looking for a creative way to make your business stand out? Desire to work with a company that understands what it’s like to build a business reputation? Well, we want to work with you.

Blue Cow Creative Design & Productions Ltd. is owned by a 100% Maritime “Entrepreneur”. We don’t operate in a multi-million dollar high rise in the downtown district of a major city. We enjoy the lifestyle of working on our creative farm in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

What is important to us is that our clients get the quality of service and product they deserve. Just like you, we started our business with a dream and vision. Along the way we slowly made the connections to grow and expand. We understand what it means to put your heart and sole into a venture and how important it is to want to see it succeed. That is why we wanted to do this business. We love working with like minded success seeking businesses and organizations who need to get their message out.

Shaun WhynachtHow we do it is through the use of creative design and production methods. Graphic development, effective and compelling video production and on site promotion production. You know when you see something that catches your attention and you always remember it, that is exactly what we want to do for you.

ENOUGH TALKING….let’s MEET….Give us a call at (902) 300-3030 or email us at to discuss your business challenges and how we can help.