Blue Cow Creative Marketing Soars To New Heights

Real Estate Marketing Video Productions are a great way to showcase a property.  Our production process allows for any real estate agent or home owner to hire use to create them a feature production about their property.


See your message from a new angle!

QuadcopterWe love telling YOUR story.  It’s even more fun when we can do it from the air.

Introducing our Quadcopter (currently unnamed).  This allows us to take high resolution aerial photos and full HD video for your production.  Why did we take this leap? or should I say take flight?  It’s because we know you should have the very best and your audience should experience hearing your message in ways they have never done before.

Our roots are deep within video production.  Having produced hundreds of videos for clients like you in almost every province in Canada, we attribute our love for our job because you love what you do (and that is contagious).  We would go so far as to say, we don’t consider this a job or work, it’s a way of life!

Little Ditty about us!

Content Marketing SpecialistAt Blue Cow Creative we help businesses and organizations create their presence online and promote their message.

Are you looking for a creative way to make your business stand out? Desire to work with a company that understands what it’s like to build a business reputation? Well, we want to work with you.

Blue Cow Creative Design & Productions Ltd. is owned by a 100% Maritime “Entrepreneur”. We don’t operate in a multi-million dollar high rise in the downtown district of a major city. We enjoy the lifestyle of working on our creative farm in the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

What is important to us is that our clients get the quality of service and product they deserve. Just like you, we started our business with a dream and vision. Along the way we slowly made the connections to grow and expand. We understand what it means to put your heart and sole into a venture and how important it is to want to see it succeed. That is why we wanted to do this business. We love working with like minded success seeking businesses and organizations who need to get their message out.

Shaun WhynachtHow we do it is through the use of creative design and production methods. Graphic development, effective and compelling video production and on site promotion production. You know when you see something that catches your attention and you always remember it, that is exactly what we want to do for you.

ENOUGH TALKING….let’s MEET….Give us a call at (902) 300-3030 or email us at to discuss your business challenges and how we can help.


TIANS LogoFocused on Tourism

One of our main industry focus’ for 2015 is to help promote Tourism in Nova Scotia. As a stepping stone to grow those businesses, we have joined the leading association representing the Tourism Industry in Nova Scotia.  We are please to be a member to TIANS (Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia)